Smart DNS Provider Review

Do you know the differences between a VPN and a SmartDNS?

overplay hideipvpn purevpn cactusvpn smartdnsproxy unlocator smartydns ibvpn ironsocket torguard unblock-us trickbyteVPN services would be the preferred choice by many users who need to maintain their privacy shielded from eavesdropping that is on-line, in addition to loving a flexible browsing experience. Nevertheless, SmartDNS is just another choice for anybody that needs to get content from any site, regardless of geolocation limitations. The benefit of utilizing a SmartDNS is it is also easy to use and that it works in a big number of apparatus. So that you can find out a SmartDNS compares to a VPN service, we’ll list the key differences when it comes to affordability, features, setup and use. We’ll focus on the key areas of a VPN and will have a look at what a SmartDNS can offer so that you can allow you to discover which one suits better your demands.


Many VPN suppliers plan to provide a service which is not difficult to use and setting up. The setup procedure requires one to download the VPN client, fixing the functions and signing up. The procedure for establishing a VPN will change based on operating system and the unit which you use but generally, it is possible to get in-depth tutorials and step-by-step guides on your own supplier’s web site.

How safe is a VPN?

The amount of security provided is determined by the strategy as well as the VPN selected that you will be employing. You’ll find lots of services offering a higher encryption level, which helps to ensure that the information is protected. Some suppliers can ensure that the link WOn’t be tracked down as they are able to cover up the very fact that you will be utilizing a VPN.

How can a VPN perform when it comes to Speed?

Because it encrypts the information which is transferred to its network a VPN will slow down your link. There are several other facets that lead to making a VPN connection more sluggish such as the precise location of the server that you’re attempting to get. You’ll have to obtain a server found there, in the event you would like to gain access to media content that’s only obtainable in a particular nation.

How dependable is a VPN?

Again, this can be a feature that is determined by the supplier which you choose but in the event you choose an established business, you need to have the ability to love in a service that is great most of the time.

Is a VPN affordable?

There cost ranges differ from provider to provider and distinct prices may be additionally offered by every one of them within their strategies. Most suppliers offer price reductions and discounts when you create a subscription to get a longer amount of time. Compared to a SmartDNS, a VPN costs more because it’s its own development and complex alternatives as well as care is more expensive.


Setting a SmartDNS up isn’t as quickly as establishing a VPN. The procedure takes longer in many devices as you must manually change the default options in the Network Settings and is more complex. Input the IP address every time it shifts and users will also be required to visit the client part of the supplier. Some suppliers offer features that let you configure this IP address change so you not have to type it each time. The benefit of a SmartDNS is that once you alter the shape in Network Settings, you’ll be in a position to set up it in a bigger variety of apparatus. No setup is called for after that.

How quickly is a SmartDNS?

When it comes to speed, the edge is taken by a SmartDNS because when using the first, you WOn’t experience a noticeable slow down.

How dependable is a SmartDNS?

Typically a SmartDNS is extremely dependable and also you need to have the ability to make use of it most of the time with no problems but the dependability might be affected when your ISP changes your IP address. You’ll need to change your account settings, that may interrupt the service when this occurs.

Is a SmartDNS affordable?

The cost for SmartDNS services is somewhat lower compared to VPNs. You can find deals that may save you money in the price of the service. You an also get it for free on Smart DNS Trial.

Total SmartDNS services certainly are an affordable and handy option if you’re just thinking about avoiding geo-places constraints so that you can gain access to media content. But if you’re seeking a service which provides more features as well as security, a VPN is the most effective choice.





Create your own Smart DNS Server:

It is a brief rundown about what you want (what I did) to do to create your personal smart DNS.

Just a good warning. This was written by me while I hacked my option together. So it really isn’t the best or cleanest option potential. In case it works for you personally, fantastic. Sorry, you’re on your own should it not.

You may want:

A router that is effective at addresses that are rerouting (My router supports iptables)

A more profound knowledge (seriously, are not able to adjust a little bit and do not attempt this if you can read in between lines and do not understand your way. All of your set up may not be same.)

a fundamental knowledge of networking

WinSCP putty

Affordable vps ( has deals that are fine from time to time)

I use one per Month, since I’m the only person who uses it, but that might be overkill. I would suggest using a 64bit ubuntu flavor, what I understand will work and that’s what I used.

Measure 1:

Upgrade/upgrade/secure access. Fundamental material. Lowendbox has a guide.

Measure 2:

You may have to set up ]sniproxy]( on your VPS.

For that you may have to install udns. To get udns running.

sudo apt-get install autotools-dev cdbs debhelper dh-autoreconf dpkg-dev gettext libev-dev libpcre3-dev libudns-dev pkg-config

This will install all programs that are needed.

mkdir udns_packaging
cd udns_packaging
tar xfz udns_0.4.source.tar.gz
cd udns-0.4/
tar xfz ../udns_0.4-1.debian.tar.gz
cd ..
sudo dpkg -i libudns-dev_0.4-1_amd64.deb libudns0_0.4-1_amd64.deb

This will make a folder called udns_ download and packaging (wget) udns sources, unpack them and construct an executable.

Audio CD ..
Sniproxy mkdir
cd sniproxy

Now put a duplicate of in the sniproxy directory using WinSCP. If you would like to you can also simply git everything.

cd sniproxy-master
./ && ./configure && make test

You need to see something along the lines: # PASS: 17 and no dumpsters/neglects/errors, although get test will run for some time.

sudo make install
sudo dpkg -i ../sniproxy_***_amd64.deb

Sniproxy will be installed by this.

Measure 3:

Configure SNIProxy. Instead of vi it is possible to use your favourite editor. I simply grew accustomed to using vi.

sudo vi /etc/sniproxy.conf

Place .

user daemon
pidfile /var/tmp/

syslog daemon
Precedence notice

protocol http
table reroute

protocol tls
table reroute

table reroute * *

Both listeners open the required interfaces for http and https traffic. Table reroute configures which websites to. In this situation SNIProxy will just forward websites which are either component of the domain or

The service is put into examine in the event the DNS Proxy really worked.

sniproxy -f

This ought to begin sniproxy in the command line and can let you know if there are any more issues (e.g. misconfigured config file). If everything works press CTRL C to stop it.

sudo service sniproxy status
sudo service sniproxy beginning

Else simply restart sniproxy to load the brand new config files if status yields not running start it.

Measure 4:

You’ve got now 2 choices:

You win in case your router supports dnsmasq. All you need to do is add these lines to /etc/dnsmasq.conf.


This can override all requests for netflix/ip2location with your VPS IP (

In case your router does not support dnsmasq, or you’re not otherwise able to overwrite this information, you’ll need to create a DNS Service.

Here or here.

Measure 5:

Redirect all traffic to and to your manipulated DNS (in my situation It is also possible to create your router to make use of your DNS as its DNS. If so it is possible to also simply reroute to your own local router.

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -d -j DNAT –to-destination
iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -d -j DNAT –to-destination

You ought to currently have the ability to open from any device in your home network and throw it to your Chromecast. Bonus: You will not even want a proxy on your local computer.